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April 16, 2007



This is completely hilarious. You wish you had long, straight hair. I have long, straight hair. *I* wish I had long, CURLY hair. You have long, curly hair!

Too bad we can't trade!


LOL We always want what we don't have. Mine is curly too but not as much as yours. My worst fear at the salon is that they'll cut too much off because they forget how much it curls up when its dry. Then I end up with some crazy short do that does nothing for me. Anyway, your hair and you are very pretty.


I was about to put the same comment as Laura. I think your hair looks great.


Hej Sis!

tack för komplimangen. Jag brukar föna mitt hår så att det blir lite rakare,jag är inte som du och mamma men jag har mina problem jag med med lockigt hår.

her with the nice curly hair. Kram Sis


I'll trade you! I have the hair you want, you have the hair I want!


I think your curls are lovely!

Gunilla Lundbladh

Nice photo, nice hair, but I understand you we have same problem. It´s like that people with straight hair like to have curly hair and versus.
Kram Mum


i like it! the color and your curly style...



Jag säger som övriga: jag skulle gääärna byta!!

jag hade mycket lockigare hår förr, numer är det bara lite småkurvigt. Jag saknar lockarna, och sådana lockar som du har är ju så vackert!!

Jättefin bild på dig!


I know exactly how you feel! I watch TV and see shampoo commercials that say "You'll feel like you just walked out of a salon!" and I think, "Why would I want to feel so awful?"
They NEVER get it right. They want to put a tiny dab of gel in my giant mess of hair and pretend it's enough, then they blow dry it until I look like a Muppet. Argh!

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