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February 19, 2007



Happy 100th post.
Hmmm, something about my day. I was listening to the It'a a purl man podcast on my way to work this morning, and now I *really* wish that I'd brought socks with me as my knitting project, but I grabbed a baby bib instead on my way out of the door.
I've had a large cup of coffee to drink, but now I fancy some tea, so I might pop off and make myself a nice big mug of vanilla rooibus tea to take me through until lunch.
Hope you have a lovely time in Umeå.


I know I have been a bad blogger lately, I haven't blogged at all. Three kids will really get in the way of that. Ha-ha. Something about my day. I am making my STRONG European style coffee right now and blogging before the kids wake up and the chaos begins. I was supposed to have to work today (President's Day) but, got out of it by volunteering for some bus duty. Yay. I hope to take my little monsters shopping today, and of course we will have to stop at a yarn store. :) Have a great day!


Happy 100th post for the new blog!


Happy 100th!

Hm, something about my day. I am about to go and have lunch with my dad in a little sandwich shop in Edinburgh that my dad firmly believes is the best in the country. I'm not sure that I would go that far but it is very nice. Plus the owner made me a special veggie pasta the other day which was very kind of him.


Well, I've just woken up & so far my day sums up to reading email & eating toast. This weekend I went out Contra Dancing for the first time & had a blast! This type of dancing mostly involves spinning around in some form or another & I learned how to spin without getting dizzy. Very cool thing to know.


Här har det snöat hela dagen och varit ganska kallt (-8). Trots det gick jag ut på en lång promenad med stavarna, pulsandes i snön. Ingen lätt match men skönt när jag var hemma igen. Tror att jag kommer att få en smula träningsvärk faktiskt....

Cheryl Free

Congratulations on your 100th post - and thanks for having a contest!

We're having warmer weather here in northeast Indiana than we've had in days - it's almost 40 degrees - LOL. It's too cold outside and too warm inside. I've been drinking hot green tea all day, but I'm about ready to switch to iced.

Hope everyone's having a Happy Presidents' Day!


Grattis till 100ade inlägget!
Och vilket utmärkt sätt att fira det!! ;)

Efter ett jobbigt läkarbesök på morgonen bestämde jag mig för att prioritera mig själv före skolan genom att stanna hemma och låta resten projektgruppen jobba utan mig. Och världen verkar inte ha gått under för det *lite stolt* :)

Så jag har stickat, läst och vilat.... och ätit ruccola-soppa :)


What a fun way to celebrate!

i have spent my day hugging little ivar and tricking him to smile. He responded by cooing softly and falling asleep in my lap - after throwing up and pooing for the upteenth time. I got stuck on the red hat after only two rows. It might take me some time to figure out how to make perfect decreases.

Stort grattis till 100 poster! Jag har gillat att läsa och kommer fortsätta komma tillbaka.


Something about my day? I went to have my hair cut, and found out that my hair, which I thought was rebel and hard to care for, is in fact a lovely wavy/curly hair, easy to care for... and sexy! (I cannot recognize myself, or my hair...) OK, now I sound like I am a vain person :-) but let it be told in my defense that I usually go to have my hair cut around once A YEAR...


Well congratulations!!
I haven't read all 100 posts, but I so like it here and pop in at least once a day. =)

So, my day.. Well, after working like mad all weekend and yesterday, I decided to give myself the day off today. I've rented 3 (!) movies and have 3 knitting projects within reach. If that's not a good way to relax..! :-)

Have a fun trip!


Baby Linnea has a cold and I don´t feel so great myself so today we have been staying inside relaxing as much as possible. It´s not easy because Linnea has learned how to crawl so she is speeding around the apartment like mad.
Now I am going to have a cup of tea and a "semla".
See ya!


Congrats on your 100th post!

Something about my day... hmm... well, I guess I'm having a pretty boring day so far. This is a week off at my university, so I got to sleep late, and since then I've been reading (a book of food writing and a few websites) and listening to music.


Happy 100th Post Catrin! I hope you're having a nice time away and the weather isn't giving you too much trouble.

Our weather here in Kansas USA today and yesterday has been just BEAUTIFUL!! It was 68F yesterday and 60F today but we still have some ice around the yard in shady spots.

This afternoon was a swimming lesson for my 2 1/2 yr old daughter, Emeline. She has so much fun and I can't believe that I have failed to take photos of how sweet and happy she is in the swimming pool.

Happy 100th Post (again!) and best wishes for many many more. :)


Anna S

Hej & Grattis!

I was up early with my daugter Nora (now 7 weeks) and saw the swedish guys fall in Sapporo. After a nap we took a long walk on Södermalm and found semlor for half price. A good day in a snowy Stockholm. Hope to see you a Tuesday soon. /anna

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