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Born: September 1969
Birthplace: Stockholm, Solna, Sweden
Sign: Virgo
Blue/gray eyecolour, brownish and curly hair, 5'3 with lot of curves.

I have been living in diffrent parts of the country.
1969-1971 Stockholm, Vasastan
1971-1975 Stockholm, Hjulsta
1975-1980 Stockholm, Täby - Viggbyholm
1980-1985 Västmanland, Ljusnarsberg -Silverhöjden
1985-1988 Västmanland, Lindesberg
1988-1993 Västerbotten, Umeå
1993-1998 Stockholm, Sundbyberg
1999 Skåne, Lund
1999- Stockholm, Sundbyberg

Things about me

1. I´m a September girl
2. Virgo is my sign
3. Autumn/Fall is my favorite season.
4. I was born in the 60s - but only saw 3 month of that decade.
5. I usually invite my friends to an "Afternoon tea" at my birthday
6. I love the concept of Afternoon tea
7. I drink a lot of tea – and I mean A LOT of tea but not green tea
8. But sometimes I drink coffee too
9. My favorite colours are blue, green, gray.
10. But I have a lot of black clothes.
11. I dye my hair.
12. I haven´t seen my real hair colour since age of 16
13. Most of the time I have dyed my hair in red shades. But the last years it as been more brown/gold/cola shades
14. I have curly hair
15. When I was younger I hated it
16. Sometimes I still hate it
17. Both of my parents has curly hair
18. I have a younger sister, she has not curly hair
19. My parents are divorced
20. I have no contact with my father
21. And nowdays it´s my choice!
22. I have no children
23. I am single
24. I have a tattoo
25. It is placed on my hip
26. I´m short - 1,58 cm (about 5"2 (?) )
27. I was a very shy girl as a child
28. Sometimes I still am.
29. I don´t speak up in a big crowd
30. I don´t like conflicts
31. I have allergies - fury animals like cats, dogs, birds, rabbitts givs me problem
32. I have problems with my sleep. Often I have problems to get to sleep
33. Sometimes I´ll take sleeping pills
34. English is not my native language
35. I was tougth to knit in school, age 8. My first knitting project? A Needle cushing in a form of a ball.
36. I knitted a lot in my teens.
37. I stopped in my 20s.
38. I picked it up 2004.
39. I did my first sock 2004 – and I love to knit socks.
40. I do knit a lots of hats – I love wearing somekind of hat
41. And I knit lots of scarfs and shawls – you can´t own to much of those items.
42. I´m wearing a skirt most days
43. But I love my jeans too
44. I am an archivist.
45. I have been on same work place since 1994
46. I love to light candles in my apartment, especially during the dark times of the year - autumn/winter
47. I have a sweet tooth – chocolate and marzipan are my drugs of choice.
48. But I like my M&M too
49. I am a sports nerd. I love football – soccer.
50. When I travel I usually goes to the UK – but last time I went abroad I went to Dublin, Ireland. In May 2006.
51. I love everything "british"
52. My favorite rock band: Kent - a swedish band.
53. But I also listens to U2, Radiohead, Nick Cave, PJ Harvey, White Stripes, Green Day, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam, Depeche Mode, Tori Amos, Madonna, Kylie, Björk, Robbie Williams, Mary J Blige, Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, Dolly Parton, Dixie Chicks, The Shins, Marit Bergman, ABBA, Elvis Costello, Frank Sinatra, Dinah Washington, Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone
54. I haven´t been to a music concert in ages.
55. My best concert ever? It must have to be Björk at Stockholm Waterfestival 1997 - it was a outdoor concert and the stage was out on the water, it was raining och it was foggy and though the mist she came. It was magical. At the same year (and same festival) I saw Tom Jones, PJ Harvey and Kent too
56. I once saw Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds in Glasgow, at Barrowlands
57. I love reading
58. I read newspapers, magazines, books, cd covers, milk boxes. Everything.
59. I have always a book in my handbag, to pick up and read on the subway/underground, queueing
60. I mostly reads crime novels
61. My favorite right now: Ian Rankin. Read him!!
62. But I also like to read the books of Nick Hornby, Helen Fielding, Isabel Allende, André Brink, Joyce Carol Oates, Jane Austen, Charlotte Brontë
63. I love the Harry Potter series, both the books and the movies.
64. And I really need to know what´s going to happen with Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermoine.
65. I am a "rom com" junkie – I like the movies: Notting Hill, Love Actually, Four Weddings and A Funeral, Fever Pitch, About a Boy, High Fidelity, Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice
66. But I love the Godfather series too
67. I think Colin Firth IS mr Dacry!
68. I LOVE postcards! I love postcard with name of the country/city on front of the card. I joined the postcrossing project.
69. I hate reality shows on TV
70. And game shows
71. My favorite tv shows are currently: ER, Grey´s anatomy. I have a thing for doctors..
72. One of my best friend is a doctor - in art
Another friend is a real doctor - M.D.
73. My oldest friend is Katarina. We met at age 13. We shared a student room for a couple of month in 1992. She´s a librarian
74. A friend of mine moved to Australia 2 years ago. She is from Australia
75. My friends means a lot to me
76. I have moved 11 times in my life
77. I have lived in my current apartment for 5 months.
78. I love my new and bigger apartment.
79. I love to play Trivial Pursiut
80. I am a sore loser
81. My family will not play card games with me
82. I am a crier - I cry a lot. When I watch movies, see tv series (I cried a lot when Bobby died in Dallas), the evening news, when I read books, when a Swede wins gold at the Olympics.
83. My favorite celebrity couple was: Jen and Brad. I´m still in chock!
84. I don´t like miss Jolie
85. I am looking for a new favorite couple, but I still haven´t found what I´ve looking for..
86. My favorite On-screen couple? Pitt and Clooney in Ocean's 11.
87. My favorite holiday is Christmas
88. But I don´t like New Years Eve
89. I love to give presents to people that I care for
90. And I like to recive gifts too
81. I am a city girl
92. The country side is nice for a while -a day or two - then I need to get back to the city


music, knitting, european football, movies